About Me: The Short Version

As you should know by now, my name is Don Capouch.

Me llamo es Don Capouch

I’ve been actively aggresively writing for a few months now, and it has been an inspiring and extremely fun part of my life. I wish I had begun this hobby (hopefully more than that someday) sooner, but I choose to look at it as presenting a sense of urgency – that my ideas have less time now to get onto paper than ever – and this pushes me to work harder every day.

I currently live in Bloomington, Indiana with my fiancee. I am a production engineer for a large medical device manufacturer, and (luckily) my life is pretty great most of the time. I’m an avid reader, and my genre of choice is horror.

About Me: Long Version

I grew up in a little podunk town called Wheatfield, IN, and born into a poor, lower-class family. It was rural as rural could get, initially. My family was the only one on the country road, but then, slowly, more and more houses started popping up, and the quaint village-esque town I had come to know disappeared. Since we lived in such a small town, reading was a mainstay in the options I had at my disposal for fun.

Nothing is horror without a little bit of fog, am I right?

Nothing is horror without a little bit of fog, am I right?

I read plenty of Choose Your Own Adventure books, Goosebumps, and Animorphs, not to mention the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (shudder). These eventually gave way to horror writers, such as Stephen King, Peter Straub, H.P. Lovecraft, and so on and so forth. Due to authors like them, my love for horror, the supernatural, mythology, and being frightened took on new meaning. I wrote random little stories throughout my childhood, but the first one I ever wrote for an actual audience was in my sophomore year of high school – it was about a detective who chases a devil worshiping murderer, which ends in a standoff in a shadow-filled alley – and I enjoyed it very much.

However, being lucky enough to receive academic scholarships and state-aid – and also having a love of all things science – I went to college for Biomedical Engineering (and Economics). I loved learning about the human body and technology, but I continued to read fiction (sci-fi and fantasy began to crop up in my repertoire as well). I always felt something missing throughout my time at university, and I had a yearning to get ideas down on paper, but never pursued the tugging interest. Then I took a class which changed my outlook on everything. It was a history class which taught me how amazing the Ancient Greeks were, how they strove to be the best humans possible in every way.

So, that brings me here. You may have noticed my little motto up there in the left-hand corner if you are paying attention. The thing that probably grabs your attention – Ancient Greek? Yup. My work ethic and attitude towards life are fueled by inspiration from the ancient Greeks – specifically the hero Odysseus and the Greek General, Pericles.


Ancient Greeks – The epitome of what we should strive for

Those dudes didn’t play games. The Greeks didn’t just adore and venerate their badass athletes like we do today, they venerated those Greeks who were the most adept mentally, physically, and intellectually. I think everyone should – no holds bar – strive for that level of excellence. I believe this philosophy will make one’s life a little more interesting and fulfilled, and that is exactly what I’m aiming for now. I pursue CrossFit, weight training, and constant dieting for my physical health (as well as my mental health); I try to meditate or introspect once a week for my mental health; Finally, I am always trying to learn something new – whether that is a skill or just random information. Just taking a little time out of your day to do any of the above will make your life better, just like it has allowed me to become a writer as a hobby – and hopefully, someday, an author as a living.

I hope you’ve found the above at least somewhat inspirational. If you are interested in learning more about me or my writing, feel free to subscribe in the sidebar to the right at the top of the page. I appreciate the interest!

– Don