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The Vault of Publishing Resources

Hello my fellow, authors-to-be (or whatever your league may be). This is the main page for all publishing resources I will be posting. Think of this as a living, breathing organism that will evolve constantly over time. I’m going to attempt and deliver an innumerable number of resources for you over the coming weeks, months, and years, which will assist you in your journey like they have assisted in mine.

Well, publishing has probably been the most researched topic I have done, of which I knew very little about before beginning my author journey. Obviously I don’t have a huge amount of personal experience regarding this subject (hint: I don’t currently have a book published). However, I am definitely trying to remedy that situation. Let’s be happy and rejoice the fact that there is a tumultuous amount of collective experience out there for us to harvest delicious knowledge from. From the resources below, you will learn the publishing world is an ever evolving creature where trends can change within a year. It can be pretty intimidating…

There is good news though for all of us newbies and seasoned authors alike!

Self publishing has never been bigger or easier!

Although there are also plenty of avenues to publishing with big name publishers or smaller publishing houses. That’s the great thing about being an author. You get to choose which route to take! I just want to give you enough information to make an informed decision on what option is best for you, after all, that’s all I can really hope for! So, go ahead and peruse the all of the information below, you creative little writer, you.


“Normal” Publishing

Other Methods/Styles of Publishing

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Dean Wesley Smith’s Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing – Indie/Self and Otherwise