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So, you’ve wandered over to the free section, huh? Well, I can’t really blame you for that. Free is probably the most universally liked word in all of the English language (although mellifluous is a pretty great word). I’m glad to know you’ve made if over here! I always personally enjoy reading other people’s free short stories. It really does mean a lot you’ve come here. Take a symbolic hug from me as thanks. I think coming to this portion of the site is a huge first step in allowing you to get a sample of my writing and be entertained at the same time – that means we are both winners!  Feel free to leave me feedback regarding the stories and what you think. I certainly welcome and all comments!

As a little background, I began my writing journey with short stories. I found them easier to write and more manageable to plot, pace, etc. Having the stories end within fifty pages made them easier to finish, which in turn led to a greater feeling of success and more motivation! I find short stories to be a wonderful medium to get a great story in a short period of time. It is a real shame the short story is falling by the wayside. Even prolific authors such as Stephen King think say so (and it is much to his chagrin). So, hopefully some of these short stories will kick-start an interest in reading more of them. They are pretty great when you’ve got fifteen minutes or half an hour to spare. You can finish one pretty quickly, which can make them quite addicting when you have a good anthology or set going (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark anyone?). I have fond memories from my youth of rabidly consuming and digesting any short story (particularly of the horror genre) I could get my hands on. I definitely think they led me to where I am today, and the great decisions and steps I have taken as a writer. I would say I’m definitely a proponent of the medium as a way to get young children (often with short attention spans) involved in a loving relationship with books!

Here is a List of Short Stories currently on the site

The Devil’s Blanket

The Behemoth’s Song

I promise there will be more coming in the future, so make sure to keep an eye out and subscribe on one of the various areas of the website

Many thanks, and enjoy my friends!