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Hello my fellow, novice writers (or whatever your league may be). This here is the main page for all writing resources I will be posting. Think of this as a living, breathing organism that will evolve constantly over time. I’m going to attempt and deliver an innumerable number of resources for you over the coming weeks, months, and years, which will assist you in your journey like they have assisted in mine.

Writing is a wonderful hobby. It can be whatever you desire.

Writing is a wonderful hobby. It can be whatever you desire.

Writing is an amazing thing. It can let you create and explore new and unique worlds. It can help you learn more about the world, or maybe help you learn about yourself (revealing things you didn’t even know before). It can be a form of therapy (journal) or used as a stress release (writing an angry letter and not sending it). Maybe it is about letting other people know how you feel, or analyzing the importance or transcendence of a piece of writing (essay). Maybe it is to entertain or inform (satire or news articles). Whatever your reason for writing – I can tell you right now – it is a good one. I’ve never once heard a bad reason for writing (okay…maybe Mein Kampf wasn’t exactly a great reason to write). That’s the beauty of writing combined with free speech. We can say and write about whatever we want…well, within legal reason of course.

If writing is something you want to make a career out of, or if you just would like to do it on the side for some other reason, I humbly encourage you to look at the below links, posts, articles, books, etc. Happy writing, my friends! Stay awesome.

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